In the interest of not coming across as overly pretentious and pompous (the word for that being hokum), I decided to call my little piece of the internet a ‘Flog’.

That way, to me at least, all I am doing here is emptying my head of my views and thoughts towards music. Flogging it alllllll out.

If people such as yourself who come across this site find value in my words then fantastic, but I don’t want this to be one of many generic self obsessed blogs.

Sure my views will be contained in what I post, but I am more interested in sharing discussions. Thats what I like about music, it’s always a discussion.

Besides, a blog (flog) is just a way of keeping the conversation going.

A place that other wise verbal dribble can be synthesised, categorised and stored.

Having been involved in music all my life one way or another, I know there’s a lot to talk about.

I don’t aim to be a seer of vast knowledge or to contribute sagely predictions towards the most audio filled of the arts.

I just have a slight obsession with words and music.

So please, read if you have the urge, listen if you get the bug and comment if you have something to say.

In the words of Magnus Walker “Success is having the freedom to do what you want to do”.

Doing this is its own reward.