Sat bored, sleep deprived and wrestling a gnawing sensation that I should be doing something, I’m enjoying my first day as a runner.

Studio jobs are well renowned as being unglamorous and slow, which is, of course, a juxtaposition to what emerges from the production process and how the end product is wrapped up and packaged for the consumer.

Craving further insight into the inner workings of the industry and to make use of
what I’ve learned in regards to music production, being treated like a demoralized shit bucket executing prompt commands of unsatisfactory endeavors seemed appealing.

Completing small and ostensibly meaningless tasks, that all add up to be crucial in maintaining a well-oiled creativity producing and performance capturing machine.

Tasks like, emptying bins filled with the remains of unhealthy yet stimulating edibles and non-edibles, being sent on ridiculous errands on behalf of artists and engineers, setting up and keeping track of a vast array of equipment, taking bookings, coiling cables, cleaning, dusting, loading, unloading, inserting, wiping, being funny, not trying to being funny, and just getting in the way and pissing everyone off.

The reality being, I’ve not moved an inch since my arrival and I haven’t even received a revolting and crippling task I so desperately desire.

Not to worry though, there is still plenty of time for all that to change. Hours in fact…